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Fearless Living The Book by Jean-Philippe Demeyer

Fearless Living

[by Marjolein] The eye has to travel, literally in case of the just released interior book by Belgian eclectic interior designer Jean-Philippe Demeyer. To Amsterdam on Saturday June 30 where he will be the first artist in residence of The Interior Office. This pop-up room at Herengracht 516 is open to all of us. Expect rococo, art deco, fifties, seventies and contemporary furniture and some decorative pieces. And loads of colorful – hand-embroidered – cushions thrown into the mix. Sounds a little bit over the top, right? In a way it is, but it works out beautifully in this canal house room facing the garden.

Fearless Living Interior Office Jean-Philippe Demeyer

Jean-Philippe Demeyer, color & style explosion

Handsome Jean-Philippe started out as an antiques dealer, but he felt the need to broaden his perspective. So, he did: into the fields of fabrics and Victoriana, oriental exotics and contemporary designs. And then some.
All in all, this is Fearless Living. Demeyer and his partner live in a giant age-old moated courtyard house called ‘Rooigem’ in the countryside outside Bruges in Belgium. Twice a year he organizes open days where one can visit his elegant extravaganzas. Trust me, as a Knokke and Bruges regular, I’ve been there: it is fabulous. Enormous high-ceiling rooms – situated around the courtyard – filled with a heady mix of styles in an explosive mix of color, creating a fun and warm atmosphere.

Fearless Living Jean Philippe Demeyer

Fearless Living, The Book

The impressive book is a five (!) kilograms heavy-weight. Put it on your coffee table and not on your lap. The cover of the book is coated in a glitzy fabric featuring funky winking eyes. The inside has over 200 photos, not only of their beloved home Rooigem, but also of some of his other projects.

“This book is a delight. To devour. To enjoy. Enough said.”
__ Jean-Philippe Demeyer

Fearless Living The Book is for sale (€ 175) at the Interior Office on Saturday June 30, and makes a wonderful gift for interior lovers. On this day Jean-Philippe is present for meet & greets plus book signing. For those with other plans than strolling the Amsterdam canalside, there is a perfect alternative: order Fearless Living online.

Miluska van 't Lam

Miluska van ‘t Lam, The Interior Editor

The pop-up room is a new initiative of Miluska van ‘t Lam who runs The Interior Office, located in the heart of Amsterdam alongs the canalside. Apart from interior-related PR & consultancy this former editor-in-chief of Résidence Magazine plans to present a different designer every quarter. Yes, inside her office. Clean desk policy included. I can hardly wait to hear who is next. She rocks it with Jean-Philippe, so expectations are high.

The Interior Office 
Herengracht 516 Amsterdam 
Saturday 30 June 2018 | 10.00 - 19.00

Jean-Philippe Demeyer Marjolein van Rooij Roeloffzen

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