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Intimate luxury, the new TwentySeven Hotel Amsterdam

TwentySeven Hotel

Wouldn’t this be a perfect place for a boutique hotel? That’s often a first thought that springs my mind when at a unique location. Lets file this one under occupational hazard. But, it seems I am not the only one. Luxury hospitality entrepreneur Eric Toren – born and bred in Amsterdam – had exactly that vision when he first visited the iconic 1916 Industria Building on Amsterdams famous Dam square.
Long story short – and many millions later: the impressive TwentySeven luxury boutique hotel opened on the top floors of the private Industrieele Groote Club a few months ago. His dream hotel is intimate and luxurious – understatement – with only sixteen large suites.
All credits for the opulent rich interior go to Dutch interior designer Wim van de Oudeweetering. No expenses spared whatsoever and that shows. Even a minimalist like myself feels at home in this maximalist environment against the original art deco style building.

TwentySeven Hotel Groote Industrieele Club

TwentySeven HOtel Tower Suite

The TwentySeven Tower Dream Suite

First I typed room, a major faux-pas since this is a suites only hotel. We stayed in the 2 bedroom Tower Dream Suite on the top floor with magnificent views of the Dam Square and Royal Palace. Only a 5 minute walk from our home. So yes, we know the neighbourhood well, but I enjoy observing these well-known places from a new angle. Gazing over the quiet empty square in the early morning from your bedroom window is something else.
But back to our apartment, because actually that’s how it feels. Literally everything is state of the art quality. Wether it be the hand-woven carpet, parquet floor, silk wallpaper, soft sheets, barista like coffee machine, Bowen & Wilkins sound experience and flat Samsung HD interactive TV screens. To name a few. After taking in what’s all around him, Mr. B. stated “let’s move in”.
The internet of things is also an integral part of the luxury around here. Large Ipads in every room make sure that everything opens, closes or dims with a touch.

TwentySeven hotel bathroom

Bathroom(s) aka private wellness

Our suite has two bathrooms, a separate toilet and … drumroll … a large marble jacuzzi bath in the tower bedroom overlooking the Dam square and Palace. In theory, waving to the King and Queen from a Lanvin foam bath is a distinct possibility. The bath has a super-de-luxe massage system, the Carrara marble dual shower room doubles as steam room with adjustable room colors. French luxury amenities by both Lalique and Lanvin.
Oh, I have to mention the toilet. A piece of Japanese experience in Holland: automatic closing and opening of the seats (bowing?) and a panel that  controls heat, air and water spray to personal preference.
After a relaxing time in the steam room, another surprise awaits. This is the first hotel where I find the same blow dryer as I use at home: the one and only Dyson Supersonic

Twentyseven hotel bougainville breakfast

Bougainville Breakfast

Breakfast is served in the adjoining Bougainville Restaurant. We are early – two others guests as well – and the room has a sense of coziness about it. The music (I am very sensitive about the loudness of music in places. Ask mr. B. how often I ask staff to turn it down a notch), is very relaxed. In a jazzy soul kind of way. As is the staff.  Relaxed and friendly, attentive to make sure you feel at home and have everything you wish for in a non subservient way.
When you start with a breakfast amuse of fresh fruit and watermelon, expectations rise for the dishes to follow. They did not let us dow. Another first: peeled boiled eggs in a special ceramic warmholder. We’re definitely talking Luxury Eggs.

Bougainville Restaurant TwentySeven Hotel

Chef’s menu at Bougainville Restaurant

The first thing that catches my eye is a large photo of David Bowie (btw, all photo art throughout the hotel is for sale). Second is the view of the Royal Palace and numerous round tables with yellowish brocade couches.
We enjoy the 5 course chef’s menu, pescetarian for me and all the way for mr. B. What both menus have in common is the Carino dessert for a grand finale.  Inspired by the signature cocktail of the bar.
Executive Chef Tim Golsteijn and sommelier Lendl Mijnhijmer – another award-winning staff member – work together and strive for the best to spoil both the guests and taste buds.
Worth mentioning is the chef’s table in the open kitchen, perfect spot for a breakfast or lunch meeting. Or romantic dinner for two.

TwentySeven Bar Eric van Beek

Barfly at Bar TwentySeven

What are the options to become a barfly after fifty? Many, considering the menu of mocktails at boudoir chic Bar TwentySeven. Since I stopped drinking alcohol some two years ago (read too much about alcohol and healthy longevity, those two don’t blend well), it’s mostly soda water with fresh lime and mint. And even this simple drink is often not an easy task for waiters to remember.
Not here! Now officially addicted to the BB94. Designed by award-winning bartender Eric van Beek. No sugarbomb but a probiotic kombucha based cocktail with pineapple and aquafaba foam, the foam made of chickpeas. Based on non-alcoholic Seedlip liquor, the spice 94. Really delicious, I ordered two. Ha!

Not only International guests find their way to this secluded new boutique hotel spot, locals combine a celebrational sleepover with dinner in Bougainville or just a relaxed drink in bar TwentySeven.
No denying here, this hideaway is all about opulent luxury squared with suites prices up to 7500 € per night, but still manages to cater for those who appreciate a homely feel at the same time.
What I know for sure is that it would have been Marie-Antoinette’s first choice of residence. If 16 suites had been enough for her entourage.

TwentySeven Tower Suite

TwentySeven Hotel interior

Our stay at TwentySeven Hotel was by invitation on behalf of Chapter Fifty.  We only accept invites that answer positive to the question: “does it match our lifestyle?”. I will not promote anything that I would not wear, eat, sleep or see myself.  Authenticity is very important to me. Words, photos and opinions are my own.

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