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Silver Muse, new 5* luxury ship in the Silversea Cruises fleet

Silver muse silversea cruises

Oh my, do I have exciting news to share! Exactly one year ago mr. B and I had the honour to visit the newest addition to the Silversea Cruises fleet:  Silver Muse.
This ultra luxury floating boutique hotel was only 3 months old at the time and docked for a day at Lisbon’s cruise terminal. We enjoyed a press tourread post below – on this flawless vessel. This very first introduction to the world of luxury cruising left a lasting impression. How would it be to join the ever growing club of those who cruise? Well, we will let you know soon: we’re gonna experience a 12-day cruise from Hong Kong to Singapore on the Silver Muse in November. Hence the excitement, our first cruise! Stay tuned, will be cont…

Silver muse silversea cruisesSilvermuse, in Lisbon for a day

Does she shine from top to bottom. The revival of enjoying a cruise is right here, right now. Was cruising before limited to elderly rich American widows with a tint of blue greyish hair, these days I see youngsters happily post a cruise ship selfie on Instagram before they board the gangway to a ginormous ship.
It’s about time to discover this phenomenon in person with the obvious question in the back of my head. Will we one day? Silver Muse Silversea cruise

Silver Muse, the ship

With only 596 passengers this is considered a small luxury vessel. As opposed to huge ships who carry about 4000 passengers. No joke. I know for sure that I will never ever board one of those high-rises.
Anyway, I’ve learned a lot of cruise facts. Never ever say boat. A cruise is all-inclusive – champagne as well – and on this luxury ship every suite – no rooms, suites only – has its own butler. Passenger/Staff ratio is 1.3.
The signature piece of every cruise ship is the Atrium’s central stairway.

Silver Muse cruise Ship deck

All hands on deck

Swimming pool, reading deck, walking track and several restaurants with sea view and outside tables. Dinner while dolphins performing their trick on open sea, is what I imagine. Or while doing my 10.000 steps on the red tracks.

Silver Muse suite

Silver Muse stunning suites

All suites have sea view, most have private outside verandas with deck chairs and sunbeds. Furthermore, all 5* luxury hotel suite boxes can be checked.
On top of that add the dedicated service of the personal butler who remembers your preference of drink, choice of pillow, unpacks/packs your suitcase and organises the walk-in closet.
There’s a large marble bathroom, fluffy Etro bathrobes and Bvlgari amenities. But if you prefer organic products just let your butler know, he’ll take care of it. The TV is embedded in the large mirror, invisible when turned off. The luxury devil is in the details.
And in  a bottle of Dom Perignon, waiting for the new guests to arrive. Cheers.

Silver Muse Zagara Spa

Spa ànd acupuncturist on board

The Zagara Beauty Spa is located on deck 6. Sauna and steam room with a view! That’s what I would like to do, relax while the world passes by.
Some passengers use their time on a cruise ship for a complete make-over. There are numerous beauty treatments to choose from (at extra costs) performed by beauticians, a cosmetic doctor and even an acupuncturist, besides skilled staff in the hair salon and mani/pedi.
One can leave the cruise as a totally renewed person. New hairdo, Botox, teeth bleached, nails done and meridians aligned. Add daily Pilatus and unlimited access to the state of the art gym and personal trainer for some next level tuning. I imagine this is popular under American customers. (yes, I know. I’m biased)

Silver Muse silversea flagship

Silver Muse Food

The Silver Muse has no more than 8 restaurants! From classic French to Japanese, from Italian to a cigar lounge or Art’s Café. No lack for culinary choices. The thing that slightly frightens me is the microphone stand and piano that I saw at some restaurants. Being quite allergic to live music during dinner.
I heard such a funny story during our excellent lunch on board, that I have to share. An Australian widow sold her house and assets to live on a luxury cruise ship all year ’round. In her 9000 dollar a month suite. Making friends with returning guests is another cruise fact, and one day new guests came knocking on her suite door only to find a note saying she was sorry but left for a week. On vacation.

The Silver Muse departs for her next stop Porto, we wave goodbye and return to Lisbon. And yes, I am considering to take a cruise with mr. B.
I understand the luxury convenience of it all, a tasting menu of destinations at your disposal without daily packing or changing hotels.
Does that mean that I’m getting older or just right on trend? To cruise or not to cruise, that is the question.
 Silver Muse ship

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