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Beauty Bucketlist update: 5 x natural skin care products

Natural skincare

When it comes to skin care, the natural the better. Oh, that’s not true. Besides natural skin care, this applies for só much more. Whenever there’s a sustainable, naturel and/or organic option that is what I’ll choose. Food, clothes, sheets, nail polish… you name it.
One can clearly state that right now there is a cascade of natural skin care products flooding the beauty market. The more the merrier in this case, but it also becomes more complicated to see the – sustainable – wood for the trees.
We’ve tested 5 natural skin care products, let’s minimize our carbon footprint and improve our skin condition at the same time.

natural skin care John Masters Organic Argan Oil

John Masters Organic Argan Oil

This is a true all-rounder. I use it for hair and skin whenever I feel one of them needs some extra TLC. The 100% organic argan oil is minimally processed and improves elasticity and moistens.
For hair it adds shine and smoothens dead ends (result of my daily blow dry) and for skin it is a dehydrating boost and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes. I use in on clean skin at night after my Sensai toner.
Harvested in Morocco by hand, cold-pressed and extra virgin. Produced by a women’s cooperative which also ensure sustainability with the reforestation of the  endangered Argan trees. That’s how we prefers our oils!

º John Masters Organics | 100% Argan Oil | € 52,00  59 ml

natural skincare Jane Scrivner Starflower oil

Jane Scrivner starflower oil

Another oily gem is British Jane Scrivner’s starflower oil capsule food supplement. I met inspiring Jane herself and we talked about being over fifty (will interview this busy bee for our portraits series soon) and she immediately recommended me to take 1000 mg starflower oil a day. I do so for over six months now and feel and see the difference. Dry lines are gone and also hair and nails are less dry.
After working for almost 25 years in the skin care and therapy industry, Jane started her personal brand using pure, natural and preferably organic ingredients that work. All tried and tested by herself.


“Menopausal skin loves Starflower oil, an anti ageing, anti inflammatory and anti oxidant. It improves the health and appearance of skin tissue, improves texture and the high GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) content increases suppleness and moisture content of skin. It also plays an important role in helping to reduce ‘hot flashes’, mood swings and other common menopausal side effects by helping to naturally regulate hormonal fluctuations.”
__ Jane Scrivner

º Jane Scrivner | Starflower oil capsules | € 28,50  60 capsules of 1000 mg

Natural Skincare Oright hair tonic

O’right Hair Tonic

The very green Canadian company O’right – committed to high performance products that are as healthy for people as for the earth – is just awarded with the Dutch Astir Beauty Award 2018 for their Caffeine Hair Tonic. This tonic enhances a strong recovery of the scalp, stimulates hair grow in a natural way and strengthens the hair roots. My hair really suffers from hormone changes therefore I am eager to try this! It is too soon to tell, keep you in the loop about results – or not – in a few months. It feels very refreshing and ticklish when applying. I use it daily and massage it into my scalp.
Let’s talk packaging. This really is amazing: it is completely biodegradable ànd re-growable. Burry the empty bottle or paper box in the soil and it will decompose within a year and the seeds incorporated in the package will sprout!

º O’right | Hair Tonic | € 139,00  100 ml 

natural skincare Oliveda

Oliveda purifying cleansing gel

What’s not to love about olives and olive oil? Founder of German brand Oliveda, Thomas Lommel really connected with olive trees. He started his brand developing an elixir for internal use based on the cell saps from the olive leaf. From here on his holistic approach led to the mediterranean Ayurvedic Oliveda products.
I love this mild cleanser and use about 5 pumps mornings and evenings with a bit of water. It is based on fresh olive leaf cell elixir and cleanses deeply into the pores and supplies the skin with highly concentrated antioxidants that effectively fight free radicals.
My skin feels genuinely soothed, moisturized and velvelty-soft after cleansing and is ready to absorb the next step.

º Oliveda | Purifying cleansing gel | € 29,95  100 ml

natural skin care Combray facial oil

Combray Facial Oil

More oil! From a Dutch company this time. Founder Kees Hummelen – professor of chemistry – developed a new product that boasts just two ingredients. Oil and Oxofulleram, the latter a new and multi-patented powerful antioxidant.
This revolutionary skin care products are designed to mimic and supplement the skin’s own protection methods. It’s a one-in-all product that replaces day cream, night cream, serum and eye-cream. Which saves a lot of space on the shelf or while travelling…
I’ve been using it for 10 days now, 6 drops day and night, and I see both my age spots and fine wrinkles (around eye area) diminish. The color is dark brown which disappears after massaging the oil into the skin.
Very important is to use a good UV block daily. I use my favourite Cellular Protective SPF from Sensai.

º Combray| regenerating facial oil | € 130,00  30 ml (or order a 3ml sample size for 10 €)

º Combray| nourishing facial oil | € 160,00  30 ml (or order a 3ml sample size for 10 €)

º Combray| rejuvenating facial oil | € 140,00  30 ml (or order a 3ml sample size for 10 €)

Natural skin care is here to stay and result driven. Women all over the world have been using natural skin care products for centuries. Wasn’t Cleopatra know for her flawless skin?

natural skin care

Chapter Fifty receives new products on regular basis. Some products described in this blog post are press gifts, others personal purchases.  I only accept items or collaborations that answer positive to the question: “would I have bought these – and therefore use – myself?”. I will not promote anything that I would not wear, eat, sleep or see myself.  Authenticity is very important to me.





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