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Homage to Humanity, the new Jimmy Nelson book (ànd VR app)

Jimmy Nelson homage to humanity peru

Hearing British photographer Jimmy Nelson speak vividly about his true connection with people around the world, is fascinating. He brings the unknown world to ours, photo by photo by photo. But not only that. With the launch of his second book Homage to Humanity he also brings global tribal cultures to eachother. While revisiting tribes captured for his first book  – Before they pass away – he brought them the photobook as a gift. They were looking in admiration to their own pictures and to their fellow cultural tribes.
And now Jimmy takes us another step closer: with the new book comes the app and VR goggles. The title could not be more appropriate, Homage to Humanity is exactly that.

Jimmy Nelson Homage to Humanity

A real homage to humanity

No less than 50 cultures on five continents are present. With Homage to Humanity, both Jimmy Nelson and his team present us an all immersive experience. We kind of join them in their extraordinary journey. Next to Jimmy’s iconic photo’s, the new book (heavy stuff, 4 kilos!) also contains personal interviews, travel stories and infographics.

Jimmy Nelson Homage to Humanity  VR app
But there is more, a state-of-the-art app really connects you with both people and places. I walked with a chief through a rocky river Papua New Guinea. I wás there as well. With the view 360 ̊ films, behind the scenes video, storytelling and more we also experience an odyssey to the remotest and most beautiful places on earth. From the couch with a matcha-green-tea-almond-milk-latte close at hand. Talking about contrasts.
Apart from the adventure, the book triggers the far more in-depth  ethnographic discussion about the lasting values and importance of these precious cultures. And what we can learn from them, learning about humanity.


The Jimmy Nelson Foundation began its journey in 2016 as a right of passage to bring people from all corners of the planet together. His strong believe in the power of putting individuals on a pedestal, to support and admire them for the magnificent human beings they are. By igniting the fire of cultural pride, it’s about empowering future generations to illuminate their cultural heritage  – before our world has changed forever. 

“So why is this important, now? In front of a decor of fading cultural colours and globalisation, these projects highlight what is still out there. Giving cultures the positive platform they deserve is, that is what moves us. We believe that by showing the world through the eyes of ‘the other’, we understand and cherish the heritage of our world more. And the biggest revelation could be, that it may even teach us about ourselves, about our planet and – most importantly of all – how to look after it for generations to come”.
__ Jimmy Nelson

What more to add? A humble thank you for connecting the faces of the world for us, is in place here.

order Homage to Humanity online
Jimmy Nelson Homage to Humanity Miao Village Qiandongnan

LangDe Miao Village, Qiandongnan, Guizhou, China, 2016 © Jimmy Nelson

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