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Our best ten at BRAFA art fair in Brussels

brafa art fair brussels bowman sculpure

[by Marjolein] Clear the walls, we’ve curated 10 stunning pieces of art shown at the BRAFA Art Fair in Brussels. This is the buzzing & elegant place to be this week, a high-end arts & antiques fair  showing no less than twenty different specialities.
On show is everything ranging from classical times up to contemporary (and even futuristic). Eclectic is the BRAFA buzz word. It takes place in the Tour & Taxis buildings, this industrial heritage site is only 10 minutes from downtown Brussels.

Time to dress up (in Dries van Noten because hé, we’re in Belgium) and explore. Last year I wrote a TEFAF top five, this year a BRAFA Best Ten. Done at random, in no particular order, without knowing prices (better) but to my personal taste. Here we go:

brafa art gisela colon

1. Gisela Colon’s wall ‘pods’ in organic shapes in pearlescent pastels. These sleek acrylic objects with misty surfaces seem to be alight from within. Gisela (1966) is a Canadian artist, working in the USA and represented at BRAFA by Galerie Valérie Bach.

brafa art faor david webb

2. Heavy weight, funky 18K gold cuff by American jewelry designer David Webb (1925-1975). I am a fan of Webb’s strong designs. Plus, I have a thing going for crocodile-types. Admire it at Bernard Bouisset from France.

brafa art fennec bronze

3. Bronze signed & numbered ‘Fennec’ by Edouard Marcel Sandoz at Xavier Eeckhout gallery. Foxy thing with her big tail. This one was cast somewhere between 1926 and 1930.

brafa art fair isaac soreau

4. Isaac Soreau (1604-1644) oil painting. I’ve zoomed in on a particularly juicy looking detail. Parisian Galerie Florence de Voldère has it hanging on their walls at Stand 115C, near the entrance. Check it out.

brafa art fair ilhwa kim

5. Seed Universe 11 (2015) by Korean Ilhwa Kim. A mesmerizing work. Uncountable small rolls of colored Korean ‘Hanji’ paper. It flows, it draws you in. These colors, the depth. Kálman Makláry Fine Art from Budapest represent more Korean artists (see also number 10). See video on my Insta.

brafa art philippe wolfers masque of pan

6. Masque of Pan by Brussels grand master Philippe Wolfers (1858-1929). This gorgeous marble was done in 1918. Pan is one of the oldest Greek Gods and is associated with nature and pasture lands. He could teleport himself from Earth to Mount Olympus and back. How handy is that. See at stand of Victore Werner.

brafa art brussels van cleef arpels

7. A pair of Van Cleef & Arpels white coral & diamond ear clips from the 1970s. I find it ultra chic. I’m ready to walk out wearing them. Another wannahave from Bernard Bouisset.

brafa art fair emily young

8. Lunar Torso II by female artist Emily Young (British, 1951). The 59 CM high bronze has a beautiful green patina. It looks ancient, but was conceived in 2017. Bowman Sculpture from London represents her.

brafa art fair bram bogart

9. Bram Bogart’s ‘Blauwzwart’ was also Kate Hume’s favourite at BRAFA; she posted it on her Instagram. Dutch artist Bogart (1921-2012) was an autodidact, trained as a house painter. Can’t miss it on the outer wall at Victor Werner Gallery (stand 13D). Yes, same gallery where you’ll find the ‘Masque of Pan’.

brafa art faor hur kyung ae

10. Another stunning piece at Kálman Makláry Fine Arts. This green mysterious acrylic on canvas (100×81 cm) is contemporary work by Hur Kyung-Ae from Korea. Let’s practice pronouncing his name.

There’s so much more to admire, want to bring so many pieces home. Next year a BRAFA Top (chapter) Fifty might be a good idea.

BRAFA Brussel art fair
until February 3rd, open daily from 11 - 19.00
Brafa art fair


Our visit to BRAFA was by invitation. Chapter Fifty only accepts items or collaborations that answer positive to the question: “does it match our lifestyle?”. We will not promote anything that we would not wear, where we would not eat, sleep or see ourselves.  Authenticity is very important to us. Words, photos and opinions are our own.

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