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Consol Solar Jar, let there be (sustainable) light.

Consol solar jar sonnenglas

Hot Summer nights ask for appropriate lighting. Enter Consol Solar Jar. The principle of this solar light is as simple and fun as it is ingenious: the Consol Solar Jar stores energy during the day and releases light at night.
I’m happy they made it safe and sound to Portugal because they’ve been around the world before they landed in the Algarve, travelling all the way from South Africa with us.
We received them as a gift in Johannesburg. Dragged them – wrapped up in a kaftan and pareo, I had nothing to wear at the pool. OK, that’s a lie, I brought more than one – along to Maratabe Safari Lodge, then on the flight to Capetown from where they joined us on a golfing road trip through the Western Cape. Only to then fly to Amsterdam before they we’re stuffed inside the Rimowa Cabin trolley for their final destination: Portuguese countryside.

Consol Solar Jar

Consol Solar Jar, sunshine in a bottle

I love the pay-off sunshine in a bottle because it is exactly thát. Producing light in this way is fun, sustainable and makes it easy to be environmentally friendly.
The Consol Solar Jar is about green high-tech in a traditional mason jar. The solar cells in the lid, charge the four solar-powered LEDs. Place it in direct sunlight to charge the batteries and they will provide 12 hours of soft, yet bright light on a single charge.
You can walk a marathon in the dark with this lantern, if you wish.
You can personalise your jars with all kinds of fillings. As in fruit, sand, pebbles and much more. I am not there yet decoration wise, pebbles for now, but who knows in the future.

consol solar jar

Consol Solar Jar South Africa

Sustainable production, made in SA

Both the jar and the production process is sustainable. It is a South African original, developed initially for people in areas without electricity like townships. The production is the hands of women and men from the townships Alexandra and Soweto close to Johannesburg. Handmade and not only an eco-friendly lightning solution, they also create jobs and incite the development of skills.
This lovely light is conquering the world and found its way to décor aficionados. A real – energy-saving – cult item.

They fit seamlessly at our Portuguese home. No more hassle with candle lights (blown out by the wind, not in). We purchases a bunch more to decorate the garden and olive trees. Only this time Consol Solar Jar did the shipping. We prefer travel light.

Order online, worldwide shipping.
29,90 € each (ex shipping fee)
Consol Solar Jar sustainable light

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