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F.major The shoe with a pro-aging message

[By Irma Heuven]

We dye our grays, we slather sunscreen, and at 50 plus, we have enough experience to know what turns us on — and we’ve never felt hotter. But the airbrushed versions of sexy sold by designer shoe brands no longer feel true to us. We don’t need 5-inch stilettos with rhinestone straps! We don’t need closets bursting with shoes we can’t wear. And we certainly don’t want to settle on clunky comfort pumps or surrender to kitten heels. All we need is a sexy black heel we can wear with everything.

The ladies behind the shoe brand ‘F. Major’


Jen Fessler is a Texas-raised, NJ-based wife, mother of 2, and CEO of F.Major—a research-fueled luxury heel for women her age that’s designed to look hot and feel cool.   After attending Boston University and graduating from the University of Texas, she spent 11 years in NYC, working as both a dating site director and fashion recruiter.  Jen continued her fashion recruiting work in New Jersey where she simultaneously raised her 2 kids. At the age of 50, Jen partnered with her longtime friend Shari Friedman to create what is now F.Major!  Jen is a self-proclaimed fashionista who loves everything beauty, clothes, accessories, and shoes!


Shari Friedman is a wife, mother of 2 girls, Long Island native, and President of F. Major.  After earning her master’s degree at USC, Shari spent 20 years in entertainment and sales working for AOL, Myspace, and Snapchat before partnering with longtime friend Jen Fessler on a mission to prove that comfy doesn’t need to mean clunky when it comes to heels. Shari is a self-proclaimed fashionista as well whose favorite shoe used to be a sneaker….until she co-founded F. Major!

The story of F.Major

F.Major was conceived in 2018. Jen was attending a charity event for juvenile diabetes, an organization close to Jen’s heart as her daughter has Type 1 diabetes. Jen looked great but couldn’t enjoy herself due to the excruciating pain caused by her designer high heels.  She found herself leaving the party and walking the streets of New York City barefoot!  She knew she had to find a heel that was beautiful but also comfortable.  In a first attempt to find what she was looking for, Jen went online.  She searched for “comfort heels for women over 50” designer heels in size wide” and  “black pumps for older women.”   Despite her search, she couldn’t find a single black heel that was comfortable but also fashionable!  Her next attempt was to go shopping.  Enlisting the help of a saleslady at an upscale department store, Jen asked her to bring out a 3-inch black heel that was comfortable…perhaps something wider than customary. The sales lady informed her that luxury designers didn’t make heels in WIDE!  She suggested Jen size up.  The saleslady brought her numerous pairs of heels in size 11 (Jen wears a 10).  Jen found herself slipping and sliding around the shoe department at which point the haughty saleslady pronounced “you have to learn to walk in bigger sizes!”  That was Jen’s “ah-ha moment!”
There was no way at age 50 she was learning to walk again!  She pondered why the high heel shoe industry ignored older women.  All she wanted was a single black pump she could wear with anything and everything that wasn’t a device of torture.  The beauty industry, the fitness industry, the fashion industry…they all knew women like Jen were their bread and butter!  She made up her mind right then and there to create what she so desperately desired. Jen partnered with Shari, her best friend of 30 years/college roommate who along with sharing her outrage, also happened to be a digital marketing expert.


After years of research and many prototypes later, they dreamt up heels that not only met the high standards of European luxury but were also wearable through a night of getting down and dirty. They’re everything they think pumps should be — 3-inch heels that never put up with BS, and look damn good doing it. Working with a designer shoe craftsman in Spain, Jen and Shari created the essential 3-inch black heel.

F.Major offers a thin and sleek silhouette as opposed to a bulky, frumpy, traditional comfort heel.  F.Majors are lusciously wearable!  Adding to their appeal, F.Majors are size-inclusive. They range in size from 5-12 in widths both standard and wide! Pick your finish in black Nappa leather or step it up in black patent.

The world is finally dressing up again and F.Major offers the comfort we’ve come to embrace with the sexy confidence we will never give up!  These groundbreaking heels are receiving the highest praise!

F.Major embraces older women who are eternally fierce and fabulous!  But no matter what your age, who doesn’t want to feel sexy AND comfortable???  Jen and Shari are proud entrepreneurs who have reached their stride in their 50s.

F.Major invites you to join the movement!

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