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Sometimes things just click, right?

My name is Irma Heuven. I am a Dutch influencer and positive activist with a special focus on the 50 plus community, worldwide. I started my Instagram account @50plushappy, two years ago to empower men and women over fifty.  For me it was very important to create more awareness about celebrating life after the age of fifty, the positive aspects of getting older.

Unfortunately there is too much focus on anti-aging instead of pro-aging. My mission is to change that.

As it appears, I was not the only one who felt this way. Soon and to be honest also to my astonishment, I achieved a loyal following of over 56.000 and counting.





The next step for me was to start a blog. I really love to have more space to create relevant and positive content on pro-aging. Content that matters and elaborate more on subjects related to the life after fifty.

And while I was considering my options I received a nice message from the founder of this blog Chapter Fifty, Karin Barnhoorn. If I maybe could have interest to take over this platform? She had moved to the South of Portugal and experienced that with her change of life (style) she no longer could continue this blog. Her focus is on promoting her beloved Portugal.

Uh, yes… In fact, this platform is just what I was looking for and it found me!

I am very grateful for all the support and feedback. If you have any tips, suggestions or are interested in collaborations, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or comment below.


Love to have you join me on this new journey!


06 835 50 567





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