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If you think life starts at forty, wait until you hit fifty. It gets even better. My next chapter is right here, right now: Chapter Fifty.
The idea for this blog emerged in my head during my fiftieth birthday bash, on December, 7 in 2013. Looking around, feeling blessed with my group of lovely friends, I saw fifty+ women around me with the energy of a teenager. They are my inspiration.

Karin Barnhoorn
My Chapter Fifty started with a bang. To put it mildly. Designer-Vintage, the online luxury marketplace I founded in 2007, was acquired by an international publisher in 2014. Although DV was my baby – I literally worked 24/7 on this platform for the past seven years –  it felt it was the right time ànd the right thing to do. Letting ‘her’ go. This was not a painless process, selling a company sounds much easier than it is.
It was time to monetize my investments and to start looking up from my screen again. Oh hello world, you’re still here. I take my learnings from the past, try not to think too much ahead and try to live my life by the day. The next chapter, indeed.


Mr. B.
That same year, mister B. turned 65 and said his goodbyes – after 34 (!) years – to a career in the international luxury industry. Suddenly bóth free as a bird. Time for travel, contemplation and embracing new plans when they come along.
Home base is our apartment in the city center of Amsterdam or our renovated 100-year-old quinta (with vegetable garden) in the south of Portugal. But mostly wherever we are…

Hans Karin Barnhoorn

Travel Writer & Travel Consultants
Apart from my travel features on this platform, I also work as freelance travel writer for magazines as Dutch l’Officiel, Talkies Magazine and Nouveau Magazine (monthly Tips & Travels page). See more on the Press page.
Mr. B. and me both work as freelance travel consultants/test couple, representing the 50+ couples luxury travel group. What is important for todays luxury travellers, what are the travel trends, how about hidden luxury  and what is real service?

In our Portraits series women in their fifties share their Life & Style. Want to share yours or recommend an inspiring friend over fifty? Contact us
Also for tips, remarks or questions, I highly value your opinion and love to hear from you.

For more information, consultancy or collaborations please contact me on +31 6 55 79 27 15 or sent me an email.

signature xx Karin

Karin Barnhoorn

Please note that all photos on Chapter Fifty are mine (taken with Iphone 7S), unless stated otherwise.
No problem if you want to use (one of) them but please contact me first.


  • Reply Katja Dinger (van der Linden) at

    He Karin,

    Wat een nieuws lees ik weer allemaal! Je bent dus uit DV gestapt? Stoere, dappere beslissing. Vast wel bittersweet! Wat leuk dat je gelijk weer iets nieuw neerzet. Ik vind jou zo inspirerend en sprankelend – waanzinnig! Heel veel succes ermee en ik hoop je snel ergens, tussen je reisjes door, een keer te zien. Wellicht ergens in de stad (ben onlangs ook vanuit Amstelveen naar de stad verhuisd) voor een bakkie koffie.
    Veel liefs en keep up the good spirit!
    Katja xo

    • Reply Karin B. at

      Hi Katja, dank voor je lieve woorden! Ja, DV is overgenomen. Bittersweet is goeie omschrijving, te lang en te hard gewerkt maar wel met heel veel plezier. Nu tijd en ruimte voor andere dingen, weer spannend hoor. Heel leuk om koffie (thee) te drinken, gaan we doen. Tot gauw xxK

  • Reply Sonia at

    Hallo Karen ,kan je mij zeggen hoe ik aan een paar Paez slippers geraak,ze zijn zo mooi,maar ze shippen niet naar België of Nederland,en ik ga nog niet direct naar Portugal!zijn ze daar te koop in winkels of enkel online?

  • Reply Mikel Pouw at

    Hallo Karin,

    Dat was even geleden, leuk dat je fan bent van Shilo restaurant Taiko, voor mij is hij ook een van de werkelijk creatieve koks.
    Hoop dat je het Japanse Hida beef lekker vond. Dit is in Japan echt een van de allerbeste soorten Wagyu delicatessen!
    Leuk site , hopelijk tot snel weer een keertje.
    Doe je man de groeten van mij!
    Groeten, Gezondheid en Gezelligheid. Mikel Pouw

    • Reply Karin B. (51) at

      Hi Mikel, het was heerlijk! Ik ben niet echt een grote vleeseter zoals je weet, maar ik heb hier van genoten. Wat een unieke smaak en zachtheid.
      Bij Taiko en Schilo is het altijd een culinair feestje.
      Dank voor je compliment en je krijgt de hartelijke groeten terug van Hans. Fijn weekend, grtz Karin

  • Reply Annelies Reugebrink at

    Wat een inspirerende site, ik ben nog niet zo ervaren met het volgen van een blog, hoe pak ik dat aan?
    Wat een SUPER newsfeed allemaal, zoveel nuttige weetjes en stylish tips, I just love it!
    Heel veel succes!

  • Reply carla at

    waar heb jij de outfit gekocht waarmee je in de vrouw stond? helemaal mijn stijl!!

  • Reply gabrielle sheehan at

    This is an inspiration and fabulous to see that life can really start whenever you choose.

  • Reply Karin B. at

    tnx for your charming words! And my sincere apologies to reply half year later, haha.
    I just see this comment now! Must have slipped.
    Have a lovely day, grtz x Karin

  • Reply Maria Oddo at

    Hi Karin & Hans
    It was great to meet you both in NZ Fiordland Lodge on 9Dec 2017.
    The lodge gives tourists an opportunity to meet and share life experiences. Being in our fifties – we have grown into a new style of travelling. We have loved having the highlights or peak to the trip planned into the itinerary. NZ has provided a fun filled experience of walking, sightseeing, food and wine. Great hospitality and service as well. Meeting you both and having a great meal together was a real pleasure as we enjoyed conversing on the fifty plus topics of work, politics, travel and life experiences.
    We hope one day to share more.
    Take care and good travels to you
    Maria and Greg

    • Reply Karin B. at

      Dear Maria,
      Thnx so much for your kind words, we really had the same experience: such a wonderful night!
      Love learning more about Melbourne and the Australian culture. Which is now definitely on our (long, haha) travel list.
      All the best, Hans and Karin

  • Reply TIM MOTION at

    Dear Karin, Thank you very much for your fine article and appraisal of my exhibition and book Algarve 63. I have only just discovered it on Google images! The book is selling well, and th ere will be further exhibitions in Algarve this June 2018 and later in the summer.

    Best wishes


    • Reply Karin Barnhoorn at

      Tnx for you kind reply, Tim! Let me know when and where so I can tell people to go and see.
      We share the love for Algarve, grtzx Karin

  • Reply Ine van de Beurcht at

    Beste Karin, ik vond de Deblon golfcollectie fantastisch, krijgt deze nog een vervolg?

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