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A colorful Fall with Bodes & Bode Jewelry

Bodes Bode Jewelry

[by Marjolein] We have no doubt something in common, Bodes & Bode Jewelry and me. We both adore colorful jewelry. This Dutch family run jewelry store has a fantastic array of pieces with a funky and international taste.
It all started back in the 19th century and both shops – Amsterdam and The Hague – are still run by sisters & brotherhood of the 5th generation today.
The B&B collection ranges from affordable pieces starting around  € 100 to high-end serious bling. I like it that they buy from small and exclusive producers and mix this with their own designs. Made by a selected number of dedicated goldsmiths.

The store in Amsterdam is conveniently surrounded by a great variety of lunch places and other specialty shops. I decide to spend an afternoon at the ‘Schuyt’ (famous street with luxury stores) in Amsterdam. Have lunch, get my FW17 fashion inspiration and play with the delectable collection of jewelry for matching pieces at the store. Take a look at my personal jewelry top five for Fall/Winter 2017!

Bodes & Bode jewerly


Bodes Bode amethyst earrings

1. Amethyst bead ear clips

Instant love. This pair of amethyst bead ear clips, set in 18k gold. A picture says more than a thousand words, as you can see at my happy expression wearing those clips. This mass of small amethyst beads with a chunky stone on the ear, make for an attractive and contemporary design. Clip on.
Bodes Bode tanzanite ring

2. Tanzanite & tourmaline ring

An 18k white gold ring, set with a giant tanzanite and two pink tourmalines. Tanzanite, only discovered since 1967 and named after the African country Tanzania has this special color blue with just a hint of purple.
The tanzanite mining trade is on a relatively small scale and bound by high ethical standards and therefore the people of Tanzania profit from it. There’s no other place on our planet where it is to be found.
 Together with the pink tourmalines on the sides, this ring is quite the conversation piece. Christmas present anyone?

Bodes Bode green turquoise

3. Green turquoise earrings

In case of a change-of-color-mood from no. 1’s purple pieces. Set in 18K yellow gold, this pair of green turquoise earrings takes you to any party. Turquoise has been used in jewelry since ancient times and is believed to protect its wearer from the powers of darkness. Whether it works or not, it’s a darn cute pair of earrings!
And hear, hear to the saying by 13th century Persian scholar and writer Al-Qazwini: “The hand that wears a turquoise will never see poverty”.

Bodes Bode sautoir

4. Colorful Sautoir

This gold sautoir – a long necklace, made popular by Coco Chanel in the 1920s – features citrine, amethyst and topaz. It funks up a simple white blouse or t-shirt. What more can I say? It’s just very wearable and easy to take along when travelling.

Bodes Bode golden bracelets

5. 18K gold Bodes & Bode bracelet(s)

To mix and match with warm FW17 colors, a simple 18K gold bracelet suits every occasion. One or two. Or ten. There is a great variety in yellow gold, pink gold and white gold in the collection. The more, the merrier.

By the way, I could have easily turned this into a Top Chapter Fifty… The favourite thing in my wardrobe is my jewelry.

Bodes Bode Marjolein van Rooij-Roeloffzen

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