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The beauty of North Iceland

Mountain in Northern Iceland

Discover pure North Iceland

With these five tips From northern lights to natural baths in 50 shades of blue. Voigt Travel shares the best tips for a trip to Northern Iceland.

Iceland has grown in popularity extremely this past year and we can understand why. This magical winter wonderland is home to some of Mother Nature’s most beautiful wonders. From northern lights to natural baths in 50 shades of blue. The north of Iceland is less traveled, yet in winter you will often find the most beautiful places all to yourself. The constantly changing landscape will surprise you and sometimes even seem alien. Covered in snow this gives an even more magical feeling. Go on an adventure off the beaten track and discover all the splendor of Northern Iceland with these five tips from Voigt Travel. Put on your warmest jacket, because the journey can begin!

1. Look for the Northern Lights

Spotting aurora borealis, or Northern Lights, is on the bucket list of almost everyone who travels to the Pure North in winter. Seeing the different colors that light up the sky in the dark is a unique experience. You never know for sure whether you can see this natural phenomenon with your own eyes, but in the north of Iceland, you do have a very good chance. Research has even shown that with a stay of at least 5 days you have a 90% chance of seeing the Northern Lights! For the best spots to spot the light, visit Kálfaströnd and Dimmuborgir. Here the jagged rock formations give an unforgettable effect. Or view the phenomenon from one of the natural hot water pools.

2. Meet the locals of Northern Iceland

Nowhere in Iceland is it so easy to get in touch with the locals in the north. The Icelanders are always up for a chat, especially in winter, and are happy to give you the best tips for the area. They have a lot to tell, especially if you ask about the myths and stories they have about the Icelandic landscape. Swimming in the Mývatn Nature Baths is an age-old tradition among Icelanders. There is no better place to get in touch with them than here. End the day here like a real local with a cold Icelandic wheat beer in hand. This hot spring is a smaller-scale alternative to the popular Blue Lagoon, which is located in the south.

3. Spot the largest inhabitants of the ocean

While in many places in Europe you can only see whales during a certain season, in the fjords of Akureyri and Húsavík you can see it all year round. In an oak fishing boat, you go on an adventure in the fjords. There is a good chance that you will spot immense humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins, porpoises, and other species along the way. Whether you spot a gigantic tail in the distance, or a whale leaping a few meters next to you, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

4. Explore the volcanic landscape

Bubbling pools, solidified magma, and lava formations. Sometimes it feels like you’re on another planet, instead of North Iceland. The volcanic landscape can be seen everywhere: from the ancient crater Hverfjall, the most solidified magma and lava formations in Dimmuborgir to the active Icelandic crust in Hverir. The vast landscape is best discovered during a hike through the breathtaking landscape. Do you dare to look for the light in the darkness? Then pay a visit to the Lofthellir ice cave and imagine yourself between meters high natural ice sculptures.

5. The endless waterfalls of Northern Iceland

Iceland has many more natural phenomena, including semi-frozen waterfalls. The white snow landscape in combination with these blue waterfalls guarantees a beautiful sight. One of the must-sees is the Godafoss. This fairytale waterfall opens into a large, clear blue lake. The Dettifoss, the most powerful waterfall in Europe, and the Aldeyjarfoss are also worth a visit. The latter can only be visited with a 4×4, so an adventurous attitude is certainly not a luxury.

Direct flight from Amsterdam to Akureyri

You always fly directly with Voigt Travel, to your destination without having to change trains. So easy! The direct flights to Akureyri run every Friday and Monday from Amsterdam and take place until March 14, 2022. Akureyri is located in the north of Iceland, in the region of the Diamond Circle. So you can fly under the Northern Lights in just over 3 hours!

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