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Sleeping with Van Gogh at the Conservatorium Hotel

Van Gogh Japan

[by Karin Barnhoorn]

Arti collab! Amsterdam neighbours Van Gogh Museum and Conservatorium Hotel team up to celebrate the unique exhibition Van Gogh & Japan. This temporary expo highlights the influence of Japanese art on his work and displays some unique pieces.
The hotel offers a Van Gogh themed package with two special Van Gogh decorated suites to honour his great admiration for Japanese printmaking.
The package also includes tickets to the museum, a Van Gogh x Japan afternoon tea (feast for the senses!), a special gift and a challenging guestbook signing request. Let’s indulge in a famous Dutch/Japanese art experience, the luxury way.

Van Gogh suite

Van Gogh Suite

A large almond blossom painting hangs outside my suite, no. 332. A warm Van Gogh welcome. Inside the decoration continues in the same style. Love the glass-bell jar with an almond blossom teapot and cups on the large desk.
One of his many quotes from letters to his brother Theo, adorns the wall. If only he’d known that buyers from all over the world pay record-braking prices at auction for his work…
This isn’t my first stay at the Conservatorium Hotel, still each time the grandeur of the building strikes me. Especially the long hallways with original mosaic floors and art nouveau wall tiles. I am proud to be a hotel brand ambassador of my home away from home. Today I arrived by bike again – Rimowa on the bike rack – and the porter offered valet parking. Love!

Van Gogh and Japan

Van Gogh & Japan

The much-anticipated temporary exhibition about Van Gogh unravels how he took his inspiration from Japanese prints and changed his style. It is fascinating to see how he who never visited Japan, shares his love for this country in such specific details.
While  living in Paris, Vincent (we’re on first-name basis now) pasted his collection Japanese prints all over the wall of his studio. He copied the prints at first to better understand them, they taught him to take a new look at the world. He developed a Japanese eye. Right on trend, Japan was the mot-du-jour around the days of 1886 in Paris.

I would suggest to first visit the top floor where you will see his original Japanese prints displayed as it was on his studio wall and thén start the exhibition. Also take time the watch this video, it very clearly explains his use of color and perspective the Japanese way.
Some exceptional loans from all over the world are brought to Amsterdam, including Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear from 1889. Van Gogh x Japan afternoon tea

Van Gogh x Japan Afternoon Tea

Indulging art is good for the appetite, so a hop, skip and jump back to the hotel. We settle down in The Brasserie for our Van Gogh x Japan afternoon tea. Executive Chef Schilo van Coevorden is just like Van Gogh, triggered by the exotic colours, flavours and textures of Japan.
With almond blossom as canvas, both Schilo and pastry chef Gino (they should start a band) share their culinary creativity. And oh my, oh my. This was an absolute treat! First five savoury delicacies followed by a colourful palette of 8 sweets. To name two: ‘Aardappeleter’ (potato eaters) furikaki and the matcha tea & white chocolate tartlet.
Afternoon tea is served from 15.00 – 17.30 hrs for 50 €, reservation only. Needless to say that dinner could be skipped. Take a stroll through the neighborhood in stead!

“I envy the Japanese for the extreme clarity that everything in their work has.”
__ Vincent van Gogh, 1888

My 24 hour with Van Gogh was inspirational, in more ways than one. Every suite has a set of ink, pen and water colors for use during the stay. Time to release my inner Van Gogh with a drawing on a – virginal white! – page in the leather-bound guest book. The special gift of a writing quill and ink asks for one thing. Do try this at home. I will.

more info about the Van Gogh package, click here
Van Gogh x Japan until June 24, buy ticket online

Van Gogh x JapanVan Gogh x Japan x Almond Blossom

My stay at the Conservatoriumm hotel was by invitation on behalf of being an brand ambassador of the hotel. We at Chapter Fifty only accept invites that answer positive to the question: “does it match our lifestyle?”. I will not promote anything that I would not wear, eat, sleep or see myself.  Authenticity is very important to me. Words, photos and opinions are my own.

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