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Silvina London

[by Irma Heuven]

Hi, I am Silvina Neder,  a Grey Hair model, actress, and influencer, born in Argentina and currently based in London.

My life and career path have been all about letting go, adapting, and changing.

I graduated as a Statistician at 21 and founded my Market Research agency in Buenos Aires, which I successfully managed for almost 20 years. In my early 40 ́s, I moved from Argentina to Spain and then to LONDON which was my dream destination. Just arrived in London and was about to turn 50, after having considered the idea for many years, I decided to embrace my real look and stop concealing my white hair.

To my surprise, along with the immediate time and money-saving benefit, I started receiving compliments for my silver hair, everywhere I went.  But the deep, important thing was that I loved my new look and that I was happy with my new real image. Embracing my greys made me value the benefits of aging: Wisdom, an experience that leads to empathizing with others, and a sort of peaceful pride in the life I have created. A conscious awareness that all I have done was a consequence of my own choices. All these changes also encouraged me to make another big shift in my profession. I literally pressed “Delete” on my Market Research website and started modeling and acting. 

I also became a grey hair influencer. Loads of women, especially during the pandemic, when they were prevented from visiting the salon, found inspiration in seeing someone feeling great wearing grey hair.

Along with that, people asked me for recommendations on grey hair care products. I found it difficult not only to recommend but to find the proper grey hair products for myself. I couldn’t find shampoos that were gentle, hydrated, and prevented brassiness.  And I also wanted to avoid harsh sulfates, parabens, and silicones. Browsing for years, I only found one shampoo which fulfilled this, but unfortunately, it was so blue, that after using it 2 times in a row, my hair showed blue shades. And I wanted a shampoo that avoid brassiness, made my hair look and feel great, that I could also use every day, without the need to swap with others.

Frustrated with this and willing to help other silver people simplify the grey hair care routine, I decided I had to create my own line. It took me years to find a chemist partner and countless trials (all on my hair) to reach the formulas I was happy with. I called the line Silvina LONDON. Silvina is my real name and contains almost all of the word “SILVER”. London was an inspiration to embrace my real self. I am happy to see Silvina LONDON live now, and to help simplify everyone’s grey hair care routine, and make silver heads glow around!

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