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Sharon Stone (57) shows it all in Harper’s Bazaar US. Is she?

Sharon Stone posing all naked for Mark Abrahams for Harpers Bazaar US september Issue

[by Karin Barnhoorn]
Age is just a number. So why not pose in da nude when you’re 57? I imagined Sharon Stone prepping herself by going the extra crunch mile weeks before the Harper’s Bazaar September-issue shot by photographer Mark Abrahams. Death by fresh ginger and lemon in the morning and chewing celery sticks for the rest of the day. Anything to be at your brilliant best for such a revealing moment, right?
Posing totally naked after a certain age needs some serious body boundary-crossing, I presume. Even when it’s not your first time. I took pride by the idea of a Fifty+ celeb showing the world that we cannot keep our twenties bodies forever – get real – by exposing how to age with grace in good shape.

The art of retouching or the real Sharon Stone?

At first I was enthusiastic, what a great stylish shots! Some female power. But then, when I took a closer look at the images, thoughts of doubt came up. This body looks quite flawless. For being 57. And what’s that with the austere triangular contour lines in the belly area?

I’m no expert in the fields of retouching images, but something looks off to me. Sharon Stone’s body looks the same – if not even younger – as in photos some twenty years ago, when she was one of the most sexiest women alive. If that’s the case, we all want to be let in on this age-reversing secret. Or is it a stunning piece of Photoshop engineering? That’s fine too, the photos look great.
Let us assume it is the latter, what’s the point of posing naked is at 57. I wonder. Why show the world that you’re still out here and looking damn good at pushing sixty, if the photos are retouched? If it is for media attention, it sure worked. But do you need to cling to the image that once was your USP or do you need to move on and show other perks.
When is the turning point for posing in the nude as in at which age do you stop wearing denim cutoffs?

Sharon for vice-president in Agent X

Along with the shoot comes an intimate interview where she not only talks openly about the brain hemorrhage in 2001 but also about the crushing impact the years of rehabilitation had on her life and therefore her career. This lady experienced some very highs and deep lows and is now coming back in full force.
Sharon Stone will star in and executive-produce a new series, Agent X, in which she plays the newly elected vice president of the USA.
At the end of the interview Sharon complaints about her love life and l leaves a message in the tape recorder: “If there is anybody out there who’s an adult and who  would like to ask me out, please call Harper’s Bazaar“. Due to overwhelming requests HB created a special Sharon-Stone-email-address – – and emails are pouring in.
She’s back, retouched or not!

read the full interview with Sharon Stone at

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