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Slava Fokk's Scarf by Halsduk by Esmee

[By Irma Heuven]

Dutch brand ‘Halsduk by Esmee‘ continues to expand its collection, This time with spectacular scarves in a limited edition. Inspired by the artwork/canvases of artists Slava Fokk and Joris van Spaendonck, for new unique silk creations.

Halsduk by Esmee has joined forces with Van Loon Galleries in Vught, The Netherlands. Through the efforts of Van Loon Galleries, Esmee had the chance to meet the two artists, Slava Fokk and Joris van Spaendonck.
The exclusive works, six in total in an edition of 10 top-quality Italian silk scarves, show that art and fashion go hand in hand. Each scarf comes in a luxury gift box with a special certificate.


Slava Fokk

The Russian artist Slava Fokk is a well-known painter with exhibitions all over the world He is known for his surreal retrospective work, neoclassical art in which aesthetic female portraits are shrouded in Russian symbolism.

Three works of art by his hand have been translated into exclusive silk scarves of 1.20 x 1.20
Price: €225.00 each


Joris van Spaendonck

The Dutch artist Joris van Spaendonck has a special focus on the intensity of the paint and the materials around him. Paint and textiles are subjects in the visual expressions he creates, always with a lot of room for coincidence.

Three works of art by Joris van Spaendonck have been translated into exclusive silk scarves of 105 x 90 cm.
Price: € 225.00 each.


About Halsduk

Halsduk from The Netherlands started five years ago with her scarves that stood out because of their serene design and an unprecedented soft touch. Handmade scarves from silk, merino wool and cashmere.

Collection Halsduk by Esmee stands for silk creations, scarves, kimonos, kimono jackets, trousers and dresses with a Scandinavian touch and sustainably produced. Halsduk is the Swedish word for scarf!

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