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Irma Heuven\ The new owner of Chapter Fifty

Hi. My name is Irma Heuven and I am the new owner of this platform, Chapter Fifty.

54 years old and mother of two beautiful sons, Marnix (22) and Tobias (21). After years of living abroad, I am back in the East of the Netherlands together with my crumpy old dog Lotte.

I love traveling. Discovering new lands and cultures, learning new languages are things that enrich my life. Besides that, I am an art lover, a gardener, a garden designer, love hiking, a great admirer of interior design and architecture, and I am trying to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

You might recognize me from my Instagram account http://https//, an account with over 57 000 followers. My intention is to inspire men and women around the world, to be more positive about their age. To live life to the fullest. Because age is just a number.


While I was looking for some new opportunities to empower my pro-aging philosophy, something special happened. The founder of this website, Karin Barnhoorn send me a DM. Since she moved to Portugal and started her new travel blog Portugal Love, she was looking for a new owner to continue this blog. It was a great opportunity that I couldn’t resist so I grasped it with both hands. Karin has been a great mentor and amazingly helpful.

It will be a whole new adventure for me and it will give me another great chance to spread more confidence and positivity among the 50 plus community.

I am grateful and thrilled, and I hope that you will join me on my new adventure. Let’s stay in touch.



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