Hi, I am Irma Heuven. 54 years old from The Netherlands. I am a pro-aging activist. The owner of and the Instagram account @chapterfifty

Two years ago I started my Instagram account, to create more awareness of the positive aspects of getting older. I want to inspire men and women over 50 to feel more positive about their age and to live life to the fullest.

It is astonishingly refreshing to meet so many like-minded souls around the world and to have all the conversations about the beautiful aspects of getting older

Life doesn’t stop after 50. A whole new chapter is starting and it is getting better and better. So…why all the negativity about aging?

I call myself a positive activist. Complaining about all the negativity doesn’t work for me. So I did the opposite. Twice a day I make my point to create content about positive aging, to prove them wrong.

Besides that, my sister and I are just finishing working on a book about the positive psychology of aging. My sister, Ellen Heuven is the author of the book. She is a scientist and trainer, specialized in positive psychology.

Most common activity:

Traveling Gardening Photography Hiking Reading

Favorite show/movies:

I love Scandinavian thrillers

Fav Ig Accounts:




All the art and pro-aging accounts

Fav meal/drink:

I love Dutch cuisine. Something that I used to dislike in my youth Dutch cuisine is just simple and tasteful.

I make my own Kefir. Water kefir and Milk Kefir. I love the taste and it is super healthy

The most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently:

There is so much uncertainty around vaccinations. So much fake news. It is very confusing

When isolation was over…

went to see my friends in Hamburg


Entertainment Network Live and The Native Society

Thank you so much for including me. I am really honored.