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Fashion and style over 50

Article by Angela Radcliffe of RS Stylists

Style and looking great in our 50’s is easy and should be fun, as we all have more confidence in our decisions and plenty of life experience.
Experiment and be creative to find out what suits you best, and what you actually feel good about.  All iconic women who have a defined style and stick with it become known for it.  You can do the same. For example, look at Diane Keaton (menswear) Jane Birkin (jeans and shirts) Iris Apfel 100 years (head to toe color)


Radiating positivity is everything, and your day is a better one when you feel you look the best you can, your style comes from inner confidence and self-love.
It’s a myth to think we have to have a separate wardrobe as we grow older  (of course we have to make few adaptations)  but it’s important to stick to our own personal style and adjust or tweak a few things that might not work anymore.
As we get older it’s important to look at all areas of our life to feel and look great, eg: wellness, fitness, skincare, diet, and hair/makeup are just as important as a cool outfit. Smokey eyes and a nude lip add polish to any outfit and suit every woman.  Being interested in life/culture and our surroundings keeps us informed and up to date.

Your favorite designers

Choose your favorite designers and stick to them, then you automatically get a capsule wardrobe, and everything interchanges for seasons to come, it helps to define your style.
High heels look great and sexy on older women, and give a feeling of empowerment, we can get away with wearing them wherever we want, with attitude and experience.
Forget your age, and dress how you feel,  fashion can allow you to be someone else sometimes, and most importantly,  have fun with it!

RS Stylists

Caroline Sciamma and Angela Radcliffe have been a styling duo and team for about 7 years now.
They were both successful International Models for many years, living in Paris and New York, and have now both settled in London, married, and have their families.
Due to the wonderful diversity now in the fashion industry, they still continue to get modeling work, older models are very much in demand.
Before they teamed up, Caroline was working at French Vogue as a stylist with Melanie Huynh and was a fashion editor at CR Fashion Book for Carine Roitfeld.
Angela also pursued a styling career focussing on private clients and VIP event dressing.
They both amalgamated their businesses, and love working as a team, blending their styles.

Skiim Paris

Caroline also has a successful sustainable leather brand called Skiim Paris.
Both ladies love to work together. Fashion keeps them young and positive doing something they love so much!
Thank you for your great article, dear Angela.
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