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Green Juice #2: Beetroot Red Alert

[by Karin Barnhoorn]

Beetroot? Mwah, that was not one of my favorite veggies. The earthy flavor reminded me of soil for a long time but now since this lovely juice I am a true beetroot fan. The benefits of taking different types of raw fruit and vegetables are so important!
Beetroot is packed with powerful stuff as in vitamin A, C, K and minerals. Ánd is low in fat. Ánd the colourful pigment (betalain) is a powerful anti-oxidant ánd it has anti-inflammatory properties. Good for heart, kidneys and veins. You’ll understand I’m forced to add beetroot to my juice habits. But who says I can’t do a little taste-masking?
This is how I hide it in todays green juice:

Red Alert Beetroot Juice
*  blueberries

*  1 beetroot, preferably with a little green attached

*  half a fennel

*  lemon

* small chunk of ginger

* fresh mint

* avocado

* apple

* tomatoes

* coco juice

I chop most ingredients into manageable chunks before I start juicing. Don’t forget the mint leafs and ginger, to add some spice. Needless to say I also added some 100% organic coconut water. Anything to mask the flavour of beetroot. Here’s looking at you, kid!

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image image image Beetroot Greenjuice

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