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[by Irma Heuven]


52 years old and drop-dead gorgeous Dana Levenson is a recognized Canadian Television News Personality with over 20 years in broadcast journalism and information programming.

  • Having a long career spans from an internship at CBS National News in New York City to 20 years anchoring and reporting at CTV News Toronto, to host of her own podcast On The DL, and host of Ask A Lawyer on CP 24 Breaking News.


Dana is married to Kevin (a doctor). He is the love of her life. Kevin is her second husband.  They married in 2018 after 8 years of love and blending their families. Kevin was her first crush. They have actually known each other since Dana was 3 years old and Kevin was just 6. Their parents were good friends as they were growing up but they had not seen each other for over 20 years. As fate would have it their paths crossed once again later in life.


As Kevin says the universe had it right and they would have found each other again somehow.

Dana and Kevin both feel very blessed to have each other. A match made in heaven.
Dana has two sons 17 & 15. After her divorce, she became a single mother when her boys were just 3 and 1 years old. The years to follow were difficult as she had a very rigorous work schedule, working weekend evenings until midnight and very long workdays during the week. Because of the fact that she always loved her career so much, she stuck it out because she wanted to have it all but those years with very young children and crazy work hours were exhausting for her. She has 3 stepchildren too. Stepdaughter is 22 stepson 20 and another stepson 18. Their children have grown up together. It’s very beautiful.

And like me, she is a doglover. Her sweet dog Rebel.


Dana Levenson is 51 years old and loves her life more and more every year, embracing who she has grown into and excited with all the possibilities that lay ahead. Life is beautiful when you actually believe it to be.

In July 2019, she left her news position to discover her #nextchapter and explore the media industry. In that time Dana has launched her own show/podcast On The DL which is found on every major podcast platform.

Among many accomplishments, she appears in the new Star Trek series “Strange New Worlds”, and is cast in the major motion film “The Marsh King’s Daughter”.


She is a National Ambassador for the Universal Women’s Network. She is extremely proud to be featured as one of Canada’s top 100 Inspiring Women of the Year 2021 in the book “Women Driving Change ” and her picture featured as a billboard for cross country promotion.



Dana has interviewed some of the biggest names in

  • politics,
  • entertainment,
  • sports,
  • health & education.
  • Including Kawhi Leonard, Wayne Gretzky, Sarah Jessica Parker, Martin Short, Richard Branson, and Dave Asprey (Bulletproof Coffee Inc).

She has been an on-air contributor to CTV’s Canada AM, Your Morning, The Social, News Channel. and CP 24 Breaking News



Between hosting two weekly shows on CTV, Ask A Lawyer, and Things To Know T.O., and hosting & executive producing her own podcast On The DL, Dana also makes time for speaking & moderation engagements. Her decade of successes and challenges are suitable to motivate and moderate many groups and projects.

Though her main focus is wellness, over 20 years of experience as a media personality makes her well versed and in a strong position to speak about and be a moderator for a wide variety of topics.


On The DL is a podcast and featured online series. As host, Dana Levenson leads an intimate chat with an exciting roster of guests. Each episode features an inspirational personality whose extraordinary story and or insight (expertise) will unfold in an intimate and candid conversation.

Over the course of her 20-year career, Dana’s relatable disposition has proven to disarm interviewees, stimulating honest dialogue. With her infectious disposition, Dana will encourage her guests to let their guard down, sharing a side of themselves rarely ever seen. Celebrated journalists, personalities, influencers, many health experts, and everyday people will join Dana and together open up about their lives, their passions, and offer sound advice that is often on the down-low.

Committed to helping people live healthier lives.

On The DL focuses on topics that are not talked about enough out loud. Many episodes explore wellness and health-related topics. The show and its candid conversations with extraordinary people have a twist. The information you hear will resonate. I had the pleasure to be one of her guests on the show. It was such a great pleasure. Dana is the perfect host. Calm, friendly, and very open. I just loved talking to her.

On The DL interviews will be sure to entertain you and it will help motivate & inspire you to live better.


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