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Jotex launches its new Holiday collection

The Scandinavian Jotex launches its new Holiday collection and offers unique interior designs for a stylish interior. With its three traditional trends – Merry Minimalism, Classics, and Christmas Glam – the brand makes it easy to add a stylish seasonal touch to the interior with its varied collections. With these trends, Jotex focuses on the cheerful events of the run-up to Christmas and invites all senses to experience the holidays.

The Holiday is a Journey collection encourages you to pay attention to and enjoy the moments leading up to the holiday season, rather than just the Christmas season itself. By portraying the journey to December 24, Jotex inspires you to give your personal interior style a seasonal touch using three different trends – Merry Minimalism, Holiday Classics, and Christmas Glam.


“Given the cold and dark winters, this time of year for us at Jotex is a very special opportunity to embrace the cozy and festive rituals of preparing for the holidays. Although it is a season full of traditions, we like to see them evolve, so that everyone can prepare and celebrate in their own personal way. Because the house is such a big part of this season, we want to encourage our customers to take the time to discover their own, unique style and at the same time get the best making time in the run-up to the holiday season,” said Simon Schlüter, creative director at Jotex

Holiday Classics

Whether you sit on the couch with a cup of mulled wine or plan more festive activities, the cozy and relaxed atmosphere of Holiday Classics will get you completely in the Christmas mood. The collection is based on organic shapes and includes soft lighting, graceful paper poinsettias, and comfortable textiles, such as the Hella plaid, Coconino footrest, and pillowcases in soft shades.


Merry Minimalism

Merry minimalism’s sleek selection is inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese minimalism. Perfect for the style purist looking for a warm and welcoming atmosphere, the solid Palanzo table and Toba chairs add a natural element of wood and are combined with linen tablecloths, glassware, and the rustic Livy tableware series.


Christmas Glam Collection

Last, but certainly not least, the extravagant Christmas Glam collection takes holiday decoration to a new level with gold, sheepskin furnishings, and kitschy details. With the Christmas tree decorations in the form of balloons, avocados, hot dogs, and penguins, the modern and playful touch of this trend will undoubtedly lead to a merrier Christmas.

About Jotex

Jotex has been active in the Swedish interior since 1963. Now the company is an e-commerce market leader in high-quality, modern interior design. Jotex believes that renewing your interior should be as easy as filling your wardrobe with the latest trends. With a wide range of unique products, Jotex inspires customers to follow their own tastes and make their house a home.

Jotex is a progressive company that puts making production more sustainable high on the agenda. The objective for the end of 2020 was that Jotex would produce 100% of its cotton products sustainably.

For more inspiration visit the site of JOTEX.

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